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Illustrations by Marjorie Howden

The Victorian Readers FIRST BOOK

Education Department, Victoria


Gee-ong Teachers’ College (fines Rouci) Library

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Betty likes to help mother. John likes to help mother, too. Betty likes to help father.

John likes to help father, too.


Baby likes to see Betty. Baby likes to see John, too. Mother can see baby.

Father can see baby, too.


Baby likes to see Scottie. “Woof, woof!” says Scottie. Baby likes to see Fluff.

“Mia-ow, mia-ow!” says Fluff.


Betty has a kite. John has a spade. Betty has a doll. John has a drum. Betty has a pram. John has a truck.

Baby can play with John’s drum. He can play with Betty’s doll. Baby can see Fluff.

He can see Scottie, too.

John is big.

Baby is little.

Betty is big.

Betty’s doll is little.

John is big.

He can help father.

He can dig with his spade. Betty is big, too.

She can help mother.

She can water the garden with her little can.

Baby, can you see John’s top? Let it spin, John.

Baby, can you see Betty’s kite? Let it fly, Betty.

Baby, can you see John’s truck? Let it run, John.

Baby, can you see Betty’s doll? Let it jump, Betty.

He can spin his top.

He can run after Scottie. Baby cannot run.

Baby cannot skip.

Baby cannot dig.

He is too little.

Baby is in the garden.

Mother plays with baby.

She says, “Walk, little baby.” Baby can walk to father. Father plays with baby.

He says, “Jump, little baby.”






Fluff can run up a tree.

Scottie cannot run up a tree.

Betty says, “Fluff, Fluff!”

Fluff can see her milk.

She runs to Betty.

John says, “Let Scottie have his milk, too.”

Scottie runs to John.

Fluff runs after the bird, too.

“You cannot have it, Scottie. You cannot have it, Fluff,” says John.

The bird can fly into the tree.

John says, “I can dig the garden.”

Betty says, “ I can water the garden.”

Baby says, “I can play in the garden.”

The    little    doll    says,    “I    can    walk.”

The    little    kite    says,    “I    can    fly.”

The    little    top    says,    “I    can    spin.”


“Let us go out,” says mother. She has baby in the pram.

Betty likes to walk with father. Scottie likes to walk with John. Baby cannot walk with John.

He is too little.

Here is a mother horse.

Here is a baby horse.

The mother horse can walk. The baby horse can walk, too. The mother horse can run. The baby horse can run, too.


Can you see a mother bird?

She is up in the tree.

Can you see a baby bird?

The mother bird can fly.

The baby bird cannot fly.

Mother says, “ Let us go home, father.”

John says, “Let us go home, Scottie.”

Betty says, “ Let us go home to Fluff.”

Betty plays with her doll.

She says, “Walk, little doll.” John plays with his truck.

He says, “ Run, little truck.” Baby plays with the kite.

He says, “Fly, little kite.” Mother plays with baby.

She says, “Jump, little baby.”

John and Betty go to school.

John says, “Good-bye, mother. Good-bye, baby.”

Betty says, “Good-bye, mother. Good-bye, baby.”

Fluff and Scottie cannot go to school.

“Good-bye, Fluff,” says Betty. “Good-bye, Scottie,” says John. “Woof, woof!” says Scottie. “Mia-ow, mia-ow!” says Fluff.


This is John’s school.

This is Betty’s school, too.

Betty likes to play with Ann.

“Let us skip,” says Betty.

John likes to play with Peter.

“ Let us have a slide,” says John. “Up you go, Peter. I can slide after you.”

John and Betty like to draw.

Peter and Ann like to draw, too.

John says, “I can draw a big fish in the water.”

Betty says, ‘‘I can draw a baby in a pram.”

Peter says, ‘‘I can draw John on the slide.”

Ann says, “I can draw a little bird in a tree.”

“I can make a rabbit,” says John. ‘‘I can make a duck,” says Betty. “I can make a bird,” says Peter. ‘‘I can make a doll,” says Ann.


Geelong Teachers’ Collftg® (Tines Road) Library

John and Betty go out to play. Peter and Ann go out to play. Betty has a slide.

Ann can slide after her.

John and Peter dig in the garden. John has a big spade.

Peter has a little spade.

Ann runs into school.

Peter runs into school.

John and Betty run into school.

“ Let us wash our hands,” says Betty.

John will wash his hands.

Peter will wash his hands.

“Let us have our milk,” says John. Ann has her milk.

Betty has her milk.

Peter has his milk.

“ I can cut out a big horse,” says Peter.

“ I can cut out a tree,” says Betty.

“ I can cut out a pram,” says Ann.

“ I can cut out a big fish,” says John.

“Let us make a toy shop,” says Peter.

“ Here is a toy rabbit for our shop,” says John.

‘‘Here is a toy fish for our shop,” says Ann.

“I have a toy duck for our shop,” says Betty.

“ I have a toy horse for our shop,” says Peter.

John says, “I will jump like a rabbit.”

Betty says, ‘‘I will fly like a bird.”

Peter says, ‘‘I will spin like a top.”

Ann says, ‘‘I will walk like a duck.”

Betty says, “I will run home to mother.”

John says, ‘‘I will run home with you.”

Peter and Ann will walk home. ‘‘Good-bye, John,” says Peter. ‘‘Good-bye, Betty,” says Ann.

“This is my tree,” says Betty.

“ Baby can have my duck,” says Betty.

“ He can have my big fish,” says John.

“Let us wash our hands,”'

says mother. “Father will be home soon.”

Father can make a rabbit with his hands.

He says, “Can you see my rabbit?“

John can make a duck with his hands.

He says, “Can you see my duck?”

Mother can make a fish with her hands.

She says, “Can you see my fish?”

Betty can make a bird with her hands.

She says, “Can you see my bird?”


It is bedtime for baby.

It will soon be bedtime for John and Betty.

Baby is in his little bed.

John jumps into bed.

Betty jumps into bed, too.

A kiss for John!

A kiss for Betty!

“Good-night, mother! Good-night, father! ”


Here is Ann with her kite.

“ Let us run up the hill,” says Betty.

“Yes,” says Ann, “let us run to the top.”

“ I shall fly my kite,” says Betty.

“ I shall fly my kite, too,” says Ann.

The kites go up, and up, and up.

“This is fun,” says Betty.

“Yes,” says Ann.

Peter has a big bat.

John has a bail.

“Let us play on the hill,” says Peter.

“Yes,” says John, “let us run to the top.”

Peter hits the ball with the bat. Scottie runs after it.

“Here, Scottie!” says John.

Scottie runs to John with the ball. “Good little Scottie!” says John.


It is a sunny day.

Mother and baby will go out.

Baby is in his pram.

He has his ball in the pram.

He hits it with his little hands.

Mother and baby go up the hill.

They see Betty and Ann with the kites.

They see John and Peter.


John has the bat.

Peter has the ball.

Betty runs to kiss baby.

Mother sits on the hill.

Baby plays with his ball.

Mother and baby go home.

It will soon be time for John and Betty to go home, too.


“ Let us go for a walk,” says John.

“Yes,” says Peter.

They go to the pond to see the ducks.

‘‘See the mother duck,” says John. ‘‘She has six baby ducks.”

‘‘I like the baby ducks best,” says Peter.

“ Let us feed the ducks with my bun,’ says John.

‘‘This is fun,” says Peter.

“ Yes,” says John.

!t is a hot, sunny day.

Father is in the garden.

John and Betty go out, too.

John says, “ Father, shall I get my spade and help you to dig?’

“Yes, John,” says father.

“ I shall get my hat, too,” says John. “ It is hot.”

Betty says, “It is too hot to dig.’

She sits up in the tree with her doll.

Soon it will be time to water the garden.

Betty will get her little can and help father.


Ann says, “ Let us play with our dolls.”

“Yes,” says Betty.

‘‘My doll is sick,” says Ann. “ I shall put her to bed. She cannot get up to-day.”

“ My doll is not sick,” says Betty. ‘‘I shall put on her best dress.

I shall put on her best hat.

She can go out for a walk in the garden.”

Betty has a doll’s bed.

She says, “Good-night, little doll.”

Betty puts her doll to bed.

Fluff jumps into the bed and sits on the doll.

Betty says, “Jump out, Fluff.

The bed is not for you. It is for my little doll.”

Betty will feed Fluff.

John says, “ Here is Scottie.

I shall feed him. Sit up, Scottie, and you may have this bun.”

“Woof, woof!” says Scottie.


He sits up, and John feeds him.

He likes John’s bun.

Fluff has a bag for her bed.

It is in a big box.

Fluff sits in the box.

It is bedtime for Scottie, too.

“Good-night, Fluff! Good-night, Scottie! ’’

“Let us make a pond,” says John. “You may have the big spade, and I shall have the little one.”

“Yes,” says Peter, “we must dig a big pond.”

“ Let us get water for it,”

says John. “You get the water in the little can, and I shall get water in the big one.”

“Soon we can put our toy ducks in the pond,” says Peter.

“I shall put my toy fish in, too,” says John. “It will be fun to fish in our pond.”

John has Betty’s tub.

He puts it in the water.

Scottie runs up to the pond.

“ Put Scottie in the tub,” says Peter.

John puts him in.

“Woof, woof!” says Scottie.

“ Let me get out ! ”

“Jump, Scottie!” says John. “Jump to me. You will not get wet.”

Scottie jumps to him.

“Good little Scottie!” says John.

.    50

One sunny day Betty said, “Mother, may I wash my doll’s dress to-day?”

“Yes, Betty,” said mother.

Betty put the tub on the box.

Mother put hot water in the tub.

In went the little red dress.

In went the little red hat.

Rub, rub, rub, went Betty.

She said, “It is fun to have a washing day.”

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One day mother said, “ I must go to the shops to-day.”

‘‘May I go with you, mother?” said Betty.

‘‘May I go, too?” said John.

‘‘Yes,” said mother, ‘‘you may go with me. It is a hot day.

I shall put on my big hat.”

Betty said, “ Mother, may I put on my best dress and my big hat?”

John and Betty went with mother to the bus stop.

“We must get in the red bus,” said John. “ It will go to the shops.”

“ Here it is,” said mother.

Mother and Betty got in.

John got in, too.

Betty sat next to mother.

John sat next to Betty.

“May I pay to-day?” said John.

“Yes, John,” said mother,

“you may pay for us.”

The bus went up to the top of the hill.

“ I can see the shops,” said Betty.

“We must get out here,” said John.

“ Let the bus stop, John,” said mother.

John got out.

Mother and Betty got out.

Mother went to the hat shop.

Next she went to the cake shop.

Then she went to the toy shop.

John and Betty said, ‘‘This is the best shop.”

“You may get a toy for baby,” said mother.

“ Let us get him a rabbit,” said John. “This one is best,” said Betty.


“May I have this ship, mother?” said John.

“Yes,” said mother. “We must get a toy for Betty, too.”

“I like this ball,” said Betty.

“May I have it, mother?”

“Yes,” said mother. “I shall pay for baby’s rabbit. John may pay for his ship. Betty may pay for her ball. Then we must go to the bus stop. It is time to go home.”

One day Betty had her doll in the garden.

Scottie ran off with it.

“Stop, Scottie, stop!” said Betty.

She ran after him.


“Scottie, Scottie, do not let my doll fall!” said Betty.

He ran to the pond and let the doll fall into the water.

“Woof, woof!” said Scottie.

Betty ran to get the doll.

“ Her dress is so wet,” said Betty.

“ Her little hat is wet, too.

I must get hot water in my tub and have a washing day.”

Betty had to wash the dress.

She had to wash the hat, too.

‘‘You must not run off with my doll, Scottie,” said Betty. ‘‘You may play with my ball.”

One day John and Betty went to play in the park.

Scottie went with them.

Betty had a slide.

Then John and Scottie had a slide.

Scottie did not like it.

Betty ran off to have a see-saw with Ann.

John went to see the ducks on the pond.

“ I must call Betty,” he said.

‘‘Betty! Betty! See the mother duck with the six baby ducks!

They will let me feed them.”

“Do not fall in, John,” said Betty.

John did fall in.

‘‘Woof, woof!” said Scottie.

Off went the mother duck.

Off went the six little ducks.

John got so wet.

Betty went back home with him.


Mother said, “You must have a good rub, John.”

John did have a good rub.

Father said, “ He must have some hot milk.”

“Yes, Betty may get it for him,’ said mother.

John said, “ I like hot milk, thank you, Betty.”

Then Betty ran back to the park.

“I must call Ann,” she said. “Ann Ann! Will you have a see-saw with me?”

“Yes, Betty,” said Ann.

They had a see-saw.


They had a play with Ann’s ball. Betty had a slide, and so did Ann.

Then Ann said, “It is time for me to go home, Betty.”

“ I must go home, too,” said Betty.

“Good-bye, Betty,” said Ann.

“Good-bye, Ann,” said Betty.

To-day is John’s birthday.

He is six.

Father gave him a bat.

Mother gave him a toy bus.

It is a big red one.

John gave father a big kiss.

He gave mother a kiss, too.

Baby gave John a bag of nuts.

Betty gave him a little ship to put on his pond.

John said, “Thank you for the toys. I like them all. Thank you, baby, for the bag of nuts.”

John gave Betty a kiss.

Then he gave baby a kiss.


John will have a birthday party.

Mother has a birthday cake for him, with nuts on the top.

It has six red candles on it, too.

Peter and Ann will be at the party.

They will have some birthday cake.

John must blow out the candles.

“You must blow them all out, John,” says Betty.

“Yes,” says John. “So I will.

You will see me do it with one big blow.”

After the candles are out,

John must cut his birthday cake.

“ Mother, will Scottie and Fluff have some cake, too?” says John.

“Yes,” says mother, “they will have some, too.”

Betty says, “We must all have party hats.”

“The party will be good fun,” says John.

John and Betty do not have to go to school to-day.

They cannot play in the park with Peter and Ann.

They are to go out to the farm.

“ It will be fun,” says Betty.

‘‘We shall go with father in the car.”

“ Baby is sick, so mother cannot go with us to-day,” says John.

“ Let us be off,” says father.

Father gets into the car.

In jumps Betty.

In jumps John.

‘‘May I call Scottie?” says John.


“Yes, John,” says father.

“Let Scottie get in, too. He likes to go out in the car.”

“Woof, woof!” says Scottie.

“ Do sit down, Scottie,” says John.

They all call, “Good-bye, mother. Good-bye, baby,” and off they go.

“ It will be fun at the farm,” says John. “We shall ride on the big farm horses.

I shall feed them with hay.”

I must go down to thè pond, to see if mother duck has some baby ducks,” says Betty.

“ It will be fun if she has.

I do like thè way they run after mother duck. If Scottie runs at them, you must cali him off, John.”

I will,” says John. “ I like to help with thè hay. Then I can ride on top of it.”

I shall ride on thè top of thè hay, too,” says Betty.

We may see some baby rabbits

on thè way,” says John.


Father says, “It will soon be Christmas. If I see a little tree on the way back, I shall get out and pay for it. John may help me to put it in the back of the car.”

‘‘Is it for a Christmas tree?” says Betty.

“ Yes,” says father. “ Soon we are to have a Christmas party.”

It is Christmas Day,

and there is the Christmas tree in Betty’s little tub.

Mother gave Betty a box of candles.

She put them all on the tree.

Father gave John some bags of nuts to put on, too.

“ Here are all the presents,” says mother.

“ | shall put them on the tree,” says John.

“ I shall help, too,” says Betty. ‘‘There is a present for mother, and one for father. There is a present for John, and one for Betty.”

“ I have a present for Scottie,” says John.

“ I have a present for Fluff,”

says Betty. “ Let us see if we can put them on the tree, too.”

“ Here is baby’s present,”

says mother, ‘‘and one for Peter, and one for Ann. Peter and Ann will soon be here. Then it will be time for the Christmas party.

We must say, ‘ Happy Christmas, Peter! Happy Christmas, Ann!’”

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