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(ohe ^Material and its Jtfany Uses in Jlftodern Building Construction

IBROLITE is a hard, tough building material manufactured from specially selected Asbestos Fibre and the best Australian Portland Cement into various classes of building materials.

" FIBROLITE ” Asbestos Cement Flat Sheets are used for covering Exterior Walls, Gables and Eaves, and for lining Interior Walls and Ceilings. " FIBROLITE ” Asbestos Cement Slates and Corrugated Sheets are used for roofing buildings of every type of construction.

Being made solely from two indestructible materials of mineral extraction, " FIBROLITE ” is a permanent building material — immune from the ravages of time and practically everlasting. It contains absolutely nothing to burn, rot, rust, decay or corrode. It is proof against white ants, and is fire retardant. It ensures the soundest possible service in any type of building construction, having the indestructible qualities of Asbestos and the strength of Concrete.

" FIBROLITE ” is essentially an Australian product, being manufactured by the Asbestos Slate and Sheet Manu- l facturing Co. Ltd., Camellia, Parramatta River, N. S.W.,    '

from Australian raw materials and by Australian labour.


Jì Bungalow Home Built Compieteli; Cùith “FIBROLITE” JIsbestos Cement Sheets and States

A Modern Bungalow Home, such as the one above illustrated, built with exterior walls, interior walls and ceilings of “FIBROLITE” Asbestos Cement Sheets, with the joints covered with wooden cover battens, and roofed with “FIBROLITE” Slates, costs no more than a weatherboard house with an iron or terra cotta clay tile roof. The “FIBROLITE” home is superior in every respect, and provides an infinitely better proposition. It meets every requirement pertaining to durability, strength, hygiene, fire safety, permanency—and climate. It is white ant proof and constantly improves with age. Its first cost is its last cost.

Ground plans and quantities ofFIBROLITE" required for Che two Bungalows illustrated on this ,page, will be found in our oooklet “The 'Home You? Want?’ Send tor free copg.



This illustration shows how “FIBROLITE” Asbestos Cement Sheets may be effectively employed in the construction of the more expensive type of home, giving a distinctively artistic appearance that could not be secured by the use of more expensive materials. The dignified simplicity of the “FIBROLITE” panelling in the upper storey walls strikes a dominant note in the imposing appearance of the residence. The roof and bays of FIBROLITE” Shingles possess a distinctive charm that rivals the appearance of the considerably more costly natural slates.


The intrinsic charm and beauty of walls and ceilings lined with “FIBROLITE” Asbestos Cement Sheets is a welcome departure from the monotony of old fashioned interiors of lath and plaster, lining boards, etc. An infinitely superior appearance is secured with less expense. The actual cost of lining the walls and ceilings of the room above illustrated would show that the home builder of modest means need not hesitate to plan for rooms equally as attractive and restful. Art, Hygiene, Coolness, Fire Safety and the maximum degree of comfort are all secured by the use of “FIBROLITE”—with absolute assurance of sound economy.


Savings and Advantages to be Secured by Building Your Home Completely With

l~i broliid

“First Costs

FIBROLITE” Asbestos Cement Sheets cost no more per 1 00 square feet than weatherboards and lining boards, but “FIBROLITE” ensures a far greater measure of economy. In the construction of “FIBROLITE” walls and ceilings a big saving is effected in labour costs. The cost of the studs is reduced by approximately 25 per cent., and painting costs by approximately 50 per cent. Being made in a large variety of sizes, the sheets are easily and quickly erected, and waste is practically eliminated.

“Maintenance Costs

A “FIBROLITE” Bungalow is the cheapest home that you can erect when considered on the basis of “cost-per-year.” “FIBROLITE” improves with age—growing harder, tougher, more durable and stronger as soon as it is erected. Maintenance costs are therefore practically eliminated. Consider also that insurance rates on a “FIBROLITE” home are reduced by 25 per cent, on the rates applying for weatherboard houses.

“Low Freight Costs”

“FIBROLITE” is carried at very favourable rates by the New South Wales Government Railways. The cost of “FIBROLITE” in the country is actually very little more than what it is in Sydney, as quantities of 4£ tons or over can be sent from 300 to 400 miles for from 3d. to 4d. per square yard. With such quantities all packing charges may be eliminated, if required, by having the sheets packed loose (uncrated) in the truck.

Applying Rough Cast to “FIBROLITEAsbestos Cement Sheets.

if it is preferred to finish the exterior walls of a **Fibrolite** Building without the use of cover battens, these may be eliminated by rough casting on the reverse side of the "Fibrolite” Sheets with a mixture of cement, sand, and fine coke breeze. In treating the sheets by this method the same effect is secured as shown in the illustrations on this page. Little or no additional expense is incurred, as the cost is practically covered by the elimination of the cover battens and painting. The method of rough-casting on “FIBROLITE” is as follows:—

The “Fibrolite” Sheets should be erected with the reverse side exposed, all joints being butted as tightly as possible, and covered with a narrow strip of £in. mesh wire netting.

The rough side of the “Fibrolite” Sheets provides a perfect key to take the rough-cast.

The method of applying the rough-cast is as follows:—

( 1 ) Thoroughly saturate the sheets after erection with water.

(2)    Paint the sheets with one good coat of neat cement and water.

(3)    After thoroughly mixing the rough-cast, composed of two parts of cement, one part of clean sand, and four parts of coke breeze (by measure), apply in the ordinary way.

After the sheets have been rough-casted they should be covered for a few days with damp sacks or hessian to prevent drying out too quickly.


AFIBROLITESeaside Bungalow at Newport, N.S. W. Exterior Walls : Rough cast on “Fibrolite" Asbestos Cement Sheets; Verandah Panels: “Fibrolite” Asbestos Cement Sheets ; Roof : “FibroliteCorrugated Sheets.

Build Your Country Homestead with “FIBROLITE,,~ Inside, Outside and Roof

Being Fire Retardant, White Ant Proof and a non-conductor of heat and cold, FIBROLITE” is the ideal building material for use in country districts. Where skilled labour is not available, it simplifies the difficulties in construction often encountered with other materials. “FIBROLITE” Asbestos Cement Sheets can be easily and quickly erected by any handy man. If you contemplate erecting a Home, Shearers’ Huts, Wool Stores, Dairy Buildings or any other type of farm or station building, you can secure better results at lower cost by using “FIBROLITE” Asbestos Cement Sheets for exterior and interior walls and ceilings, and either “FIBROLITE” Asbestos Cement Slates or Corrugated Sheets for roofing.

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