Wunderlich Art Metal Ceilings

Wunderlich Art Metal Ceilings (and Wall Linings) are available in a wide range of designs that are stamped clearly and sharply in a special quality paint-protected Sheet Steel. The finished material comprises such units as Diaper Sheetings. Panellings and Wall Linings in Sheets measuring 6ft by 2 ft; and Cornices. Mouldings, etc., in stock lengths of 6 ft.

A system of beads and buttons, stamped along the edges of the Sheets, for lapping purposes, provides neat, close-fitting joints. As a result, without any need for cover battens or such devices, the finished work presents a well - designed, uniform appearance.

Several Wunderlich Patterns of general utility are stocked by suppliers of building'materials.









For Every HomeThe Permanent Beauty of Wunderlich Art Metal Ceilings

"VVTHEN you plan your Home, let the ’* Ceilings be one of your first thoughts, for nothing can compensate for an inferior Ceiling treatment. Exposed to the gaze of every visitor, it is an eyesore that ruins the harmony of rooms.

Wide Variety of Designs.

Well aware of this, thousands of Homebuilders take a safe course by installing Wunderlich Art Metal Ceilings. In this way a suitable treatment for every room is assured. With such an abundance and variety of designs from which to choose, the Homebuilder finds it easy to secure artistic and appropriate effects throughout the Home.

Low Cost : Easy Fixing.

And this is achieved without in any way adding to the cost, as Wunderlich Art Metal Ceilings are priced at really moderate rates. Furthermore, they transport cheaply and can be erected very simply.

A system of lap-beads enables each sheet of Wunderlich Art Metal to be fitted accurately and mechanically into position.

Fire-Resisting and Durable.

Added to these virtues is the proven durability of the material. It travels without breakage, and, once fixed in position, will not crack, flake, rot or fall down. White ants cannot harm it,nor will vermin find any refuge in the tight-fitting joints.

As a barrier against the spread of fire, the material cannot be excelled.

Readily applied over Plaster.

For old as well as new structures,Wunderlich Ceilings are the choice of architects, builders and property owners. The material can be applied right over faulty plaster or lining boards, with practically no disturbance of the existing surfaces. This work can be carried out in a clean and tidy manner, with entire absence of dirt or damage.

How to Order.

You can obtain your requirements of Wunderlich Art Metal Ceilings from your local supplier of building materials, who probably stocks some of the , popular patterns; or direct from the Wunderlich Branch in your State. On request, we will gladly forward our free illustrated catalogue; and, on receipt of plans or measurements of your rooms, we will provide sketch designs for appropriate Ceiling or Wall treatments.

Pattern No. 1602

This lightly ornate design is very appropriate for the Bedroom, and is priced very moderately. It is made in Sheets of a stock size of 6ft by 2ft. We illustrate a portion 4ft by 4ft.

Patterns 1575, 1576, 1578

Used in combination. Panels Nos. 1575 and 1576, with Sheeting No. 1578, provide an attractive treatment for the Living Room. The above view shows a portion 4 ft by 4 ft.

Pattern No. 1567

Severely plain in design, this pattern is ideal for the Kitchen, Bathroom or Pantry. It is available in Sheets measuring 6 ft by 2 ft. An area 4 ft by 4 ft is illustrated.