Art Metal



Lined inside and outside with Steel Sheets. Terra Cotta Roofing Tiles.




z a. 208.

Art Metal CeUings

Made at our Factories

By Australian Crattsmen

Supplied in Stock Size Sheets, 6ft. x 2ft

^jpHE designs here illustrated are the least expensive patterns. With a border cornice, they form a pleasing all - over pattern Ceiling, and can be embellished with a centre or ventilation panel

D° not wait for an old or craJced Ceiling to fall in ruir? damaging furniture and possibly injuring members of the family;

Wunderlich Ceilings are an economical in-, stalment in the home. There are no costs for upkeep or repairs ta the Ceiling.




npHESE patterns are 12in. square, and form a very effective all-over Ceiling when finished with Border Moulded Cornice.

1 he use of separate mouldings dividing the patterns into bays and panel effects, ensures a more handsome design though adding slightly to the cost compared with an all-over Ceiling.

*\T OT the least im-^ ' portant feature of the Wunderlich Metal Sheeting is its excellent qualities as a fire-retardant.

For Halls, Schools, Passages and Offices. These Sheets are used for Walls and Ceilings presenting a perfect hygienic surface.

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Manu fact u ret\i>.

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Z B. 208

Z.B. 208

Art Metal Ceilings

; Wl'OOfW MtMidbr&L/iU

&*.*- -


An Australian Industry

Established A.D. 1887

''PHE rich design and bold embossing of these panels lend themselves to the treatment of decora tive effects, and show that the Ceilings are specially designed for the rooms and their architectural surroundings.



Mitre Block.



'V --

Supplied in Stock Size Sheets, 6ft. x 2ft.

^T'HERE is real satis-faction in knowing that all Australian homes and buildings in which Wunderlich Ceilings are installed are not only properly, but profitably equipped in the most artistic and hygienic mannerat a cost which represents little for decoration, and less for repairs.

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Z.8. 208


V\/UNDERLICH Metal Ceilings and Wallings ” ’ are an Australian Product, wholly designed and manufactured by Australian Craftsmen.



Easy to Eix.

An Asset to the Home.


Art Metal Ceilings

For over a quarter of a century we have manufactured metal Ceilings in our factory at Sydney, N.S.W., and branch works in each State. These Ceilings are installed in a vast number of homes, also in the most important Public Buildings, Churches, Schools and Hospitals throughout the Commonwealth and New Zealand.

All our sheets are cut and trimmed true to size, the joint is covered by a lap bead, the units of design fit mathematically pattern to pattern, so that any tradesman can fix the Wunderlich Metal Ceilings.

Where Metal Ceilings are used light timbers only are required for the Ceiling joists. Battens are spaced every I2in. centre to centre, viz.: a batten for every joint, and one in the centre of each two foot sheet ; cross battens are fixed under all joints. The angles and joints of cornices are fixed to wood brackets.

The Wunderlich Art Metal Ceilings are artistic, permanent and economical, a fire retardant, easily kept clean, moreover, it is the best Ceiling for decorative schemes.

On receipt of plans and measurements of rooms we will supply helpful suggestions with estimate for Artistic Metal Ceilings.

An Australian Product

For Australian People

Art Metal Ceilings

I hese centres may readily be applied, and are easy to fix over any class of Ceiling.

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