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Building for Permanence and Beauty

F YOU CONTEMPLATE building operations of some kind, and want to be certain that the chief materials used will give the desired results at the lowest ultimate cost, you will find much to interest you in this booklet. In it we describe a group of Australian-made Building Materials which, for sheer beauty, durability and sterling value, you will find it difficult to equal anywhere. All these materials are being utilised by architects, builders, and home-owners throughout Australasia, in order to secure attractive, lasting effects in a ready manner and at reasonable cost.

If, when you peruse this booklet, you feel that you ought to have Wunderlich materials in the structure you propose erecting, simply tell your architect and builder, who will gladly utilise materials that they know so well. On the other hand, if you are carrying out repairs or additions of a modest nature, which you think you can manage successfully without professional help, do not hesitate to get into touch with us, as we can assist you with designs and quotes for Art Metal, Durabestos, Shopfront or Roofing treatments.

At times, you will find that your requirements of Wunderlich materials can be met by your local Storekeeper or Timber-merchant. On request, we will gladly tell you the name of the nearest supplier. Be certain, however, to insist on Wunderlich Materials, as substitutes will only cause disappointment.


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THERE is no necessity to build your Walls of old-fashioned materials that rot, warp, sag, burn, or become infested with vermin. Wunderlich Durabestos Sheets enable you to build substantial, weather-proof Walls, which will remain sound and attractive for generations, completely immune from the failings that are so common to iron and timber. These Sheets are so handy to transport and so easily fixed, that they offer exceptional facilities to the country dweller.


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Attractive Exterior Walls, are Built inexpensively of 3-16th inch Durabestos.

' Vht cWunderlich .Jlsbestos-Chment



Durabestos^The Ideal Material for External and Internal Walls


URABESTOS is a modern Building material, which we manufacture from asbestos fibre and Portland cement. These two substances are thoroughly mixed to a dense consistency, then submitted to enormous pressure, the finished product being a sturdy, rock-like Sheet possessing all the indestructibility of asbestos, and strength of cement. Nowhere will you find a building “board” so nearly approaching the nature of solid rock, as Durabestos does, because this quality is imparted by reason of the exclusive Wunderlich process of hydraulically compressing the Sheets.

Here then is a material of an ideal nature for External or Internal Walling. For these purposes, we manufacture the Sheets in a thickness of 3-16ths of an inch. In addition, we supply Sheets in a thickness of 5-32nds of an inch, which may be utilised for ceilings where a plain, simple effect is desired. Some of our clients utilise these thinner Sheets for Internal Walls also, but we consider that our 3-16th inch Sheets are more suitable for the purpose.

Sizes: You can obtain 3-16th inch Durabestos Sheets in 3ft. or 4ft. widths, by 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 ft. lengths. All these sizes up to and including 8ft. lengths, are available in 5-32nd inch Durabestos Sheets, also.

Durabestos Sheets are perfectly weather-proof; in fact, they improve with age and exposure. The natural colour is an agreeable grey, which is so pleasing that many clients do not paint the Sheets.

Unlike most walling materials, Durabestos is unharmed by acid fumes, or the salt air from the sea.

Inviting Home Interiors are Attained Readily ivith Durabestos.

WALLS ami Ceilings of Durabestos complete the artistic Home, adding to the attractiveness and comfort of the interior. To obtain the desired effects, Sheets 3-16th of an inch thick should he utilised for the Interior Walls, and Sheets 5-32nds of an inch thick for the Ceilings; but the latter thickness is often used for Walls also.

Many charming variations in Wall Treatment are obtained by employing plain or moulded wooden cover battens of suitable sizes, and panelling the Durabestos Walls into well-proportioned areas.

The erecting of Durabestos is simplicity itself. You simply nail the Sheets to your Wall studs or Ceiling joists, then cover the joints with wooden battens or metal mouldings, and the work is complete.


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Permanent Beauty is Assured

When you Choose Wunderlich Ceilings

OT so very many years ago, people were thoroughly dissatisfied with the materials available for Ceiling purposes. Even to-day, looking into some of the older Homes, you will discover the reason why. It was found that timber warped, split, readily caught alight, and frequently opened up at the joints. Plaster, on the other hand, soon discoloured, attracted dust, dirt, and vermin; and, as it aged, displayed cracks that gave warning of the approaching day when it would fall in ruins on the heads of those below.

Can you wonder, then, that immediately Wunderlich Art Metal was offered, in a wide variety of artistic designs, it received popular patronage, and soon acquired a reputation which has grown even greater with passing years. To-day, our Metal is regarded as a supremely durable material, suited to the climate, and proven by time to be highly desirable for expressing Ceiling beauty in a permanent manner.

You can obtain Wunderlich Art Metal in the form of various patterns of diaper designs, panellings, panels, cornices, mouldings and wall-linings, all singularly appropriate for the Ceiling and Wall treatment of buildings—particularly the Home. Apart from

their attractiveness and durability, what makes these patterns so acceptable is the simple system of jointing, enabling even a novice to undertake the work of fixing. In old buildings, this fixing can be carried out without removing the existing plaster or wood hoarding.

Features such as these you will be certain to appreciate. Let us send you a free copy of our book M.2., which richly illustrates our modern designs.

You ivill be Proud of Wunderlich Ceilings and Wall Linings.

PICTURE tlie Homebuilder, speaking with pride of the charming effects achieved with Wunderlich Art Metal. Such results ever follow a tasteful selection from amongst the hundreds of Wunderlich Art Metai Ceiling and Wall-Lining designs. Moderate prices, and ease of fixing, ensure real economy. Immunity from such defects as flaking, rotting, cracking, warping, or discoloration means an immense saving in repair-bills. The fact that our Art Metal will not harbour vermin and is incombustible is a guarantee that your Home interior, treated with our Metal Material, will be clean, healthy, and protected against spreading-flames in the event of fire.

If you are building, making alterations, or adding to your Home, why not send us the sizes of your rooms, so that, without obligation, we can assist you with designs and quotations for Ceilings and Walls.



Complete Ceiling No. 6019.

This complete Ceiling design illustrates the use of Panelling No. 1397, Moulding No. 1493, Border No. 1406, and Cornice No. 1363, with the addition of a Centreflower No. 60 in each corner of the room, to provide necessary ventilation. The vietv represents an area 14ft. 6ins. by 10ft. 6ins.



Complete Ceiling No. 6042.

Here we illustrate a Ceiling of floral design, comprising Panelling No. 1351, Moulding No. 654, Border No. 464, and Cornice No. 32. If desired, Clients can choose alternative designs of Cornices and Mouldings from our Catalogue. The area represented is 15ft. 6ins. by lift. 6ins.

A Wunderlich Metal Shopfront Will Increase Your Sales

LTHOUGH this booklet is planned—as its title indicates— to demonstrate how best you can realise your dream of Home, we know that many Homebuilders are also shopkeepers, retailers or merchants: and for these we have some valuable information, which may well result in eventual benefit to them.

For several years, we have been carrying on business as experts in Shop and Office fitting, and Shopfront installation. In both the city and the country, we have undertaken extensive contracts for the re-modelling of out-of-date work, or the supplying and fixing of new Shopfronts, Fittings, and Showcases. In almost every instance, the shopkeeper or merchant has been more than compensated by a substantial increase in sales. It is an old saying, that goods well displayed are half sold, and our experience has amply proved this.

Can you yourself afford to be out-of-date, when so many of your competitors are installing modern Wunderlich Metal Shopfronts? Just realise that you need only send us a r o u g h drawing, showing the sizes of your existing premises, and we will gladly supply you with designs and quotes for modern treatments.

Only recently, we have completely remodelled the entire Pitt Street frontage of the largest emporium in Australasia, viz., A. Hordern’s Ltd.

Choose Wunderlich Terra Cotta Tiles and Beautiful Roof Forever.

THINK of all the lovely Roofs you have seen in your life-time! Which do you like hest? Which makes a warm, inviting picture in the landscape? Which has the most character, colour and charm, and looks the most substantial? You will find that Roofs of Terra Cotta Tiles captivate your fancy. They look distinctive, appeal to the properly investor, and add much more than their slightly extra cost, to the value of the Home. Then why not choose Wunderlich Terra Cotta Tiles for your Roof? We can offer a wonderful variety of red. buff, brindle, and chocolate coloured Tiles, and will carry out the fixing anywhere.


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Architectural Terra Cotta

An imperishable material for the facing of buildings; available in a ivide range of lasting colours and tints.

ARCHITECTURAL TERRA COTTA is all important material in large city buildings, particularly overseas. For example, more than half of the building material exposed to view in New York's skyline is Architectural Terra Cotta. It consists of burned clay blocks, with a dull mat or lustrous glazed surface, and made in pre-determined shapes and sizes, so that, when finally in position on the exterior of a building, it constitutes the “facing” of the structure.

Realising the need for a material such as this, to give more life and colour to the appearance of our city buildings, we have established Works at Rosehill, near Sydney, and are now carrying out the “facing” for the Temple Court Building, Melbourne. We will gladly show samples of our work, and submit suggestions and quotations, to architects and others interested in this colourful, everlasting material.

Sundry Wunderlich Manufactures

APART from the manufactures mentioned in this booklet, we produce a number of serviceable building materials, including Metal Ventilators; Centreflowers; Imitation Rock-faced, Brick and Shingle Sheeting; Window Hoods; Skylights; Architectural Sheet Metal Work; Terra Cotta Garden Vases and Ornaments; Flooring Tiles; and Terra Cotta Wall Ventilators. We invite enquiries relative to these materials. Should more information be required concerning any of our manufactures, we will gladly send copies of our latest Catalogues, on receipt of the following Coupon, plainly filled in as explained.

I require your Cataloguéis) against which 1 have marked a cross. Please post this (them) to me, free of charge, as promised.

□    Catalogue of Art Metal Ceilings and Wall Linings.

□    Catalogue of Durabcstos Building Sheets.

□    Literature concerning Wunderlich Roofing Tiles.

□    Literature concerning Wunderlich Metal Shopfronts.

□    Particulars of Architectural Terra Cotta.

□    Illustrations of sundry Wunderlich Building Materials.

□    Illustrations of Wunderlich Garden Pottery.