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Price 6d.

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And the night shall be filled with music, And the cares that infest the day Shall fold their tents, like the Arabs, And as silently steal away.


Issued by


in connection with


EXHIBITION BUILDINGS. MELBOURNE September IOth to October 1st, 1927

ONE of many letters received from

satisfied customers

St. George's Vicarage.

Travancore Estate.


20th November, 1925.


Slate Electricity Commission,

Essendon and Flemington Area.


After the delightful and novel experience of living in one of the most up-to-date homes around Melbourne, my wife and I feel bound to express our genuine appreciation of our all electricity home.

We desire to state that under the cheap Yallourn System, as it is in the Essendon and Flemington Area, the monthly cost is as cheap, if not cheaper, when compared with other systems.

In addition, we have the unsurpassed convenience and cleanliness which is assisted by the use of a vacuum cleaner and electric fan.

The tedious work of the kitchen has been considerably lightened, and made a pleasure by the use of the Electric Cooking Stove and Electric Hot Water Service, both of which have given every satisfaction and exceeded expectations.

Needless to say, the continuous Electric Hot Water System has made the bathroom equipment ideal.

We have had a general experience both in country and city, with other lighting, heating and cooking systems, and can confidently affirm that none can compare with electricity for convenience, cleanliness, effectiveness and economy.

We shall be delighted to further enlighten any who are genuinely interested, regarding an all electricity home, giving fuller information about cooking and water heating installation.

We shall be only too glad to pass on first hand our own experience.

We hope the Commission will make full use of this voluntary testimonial, which we trust will be the means of beneficially helping others.

Believe me.

Respectfully yours,





7    •    •    •    *

Lectricitj m Service

WHEN the Electrical Federation conceived the idea of an All-Electrical Exhibition, they sought the co-operation of the State Electricity Commission, the Melbourne City Council and the Melbourne Electric Supply Company Ltd., who have combined forces to produce and display exhibits of general interest to the community, such as the two All-Electric Homes, the Model of an Electrified Farm, and an Electrically-Illuminated Fountain.

An Inquiry Bureau has also been provided by the above mentioned Supply Authorities, whose officers in attendance will be glad to advise visitors upon the uses and cost of electricity, without partiality to any particular make of appliance.

Visitors are requested to recognise that space limitations affected plans for the All-Electric Homes. House design has been subordinated to the primary purpose of the Supply Authorities concerned, which is to demonstrate how electrical appliances displayed on the stands of various merchandising firms may be utilised in the home.

The larger home, “Carinya”—the Australian native name for "a Happy, Peaceful Home”—is replete with most of the electrical contrivances available to those who are prepared to expend as much to obtain comfort, convenience and content in their homes as they unhesitatingly pay for motor cars.

The electrical equipment of the smaller home, “Illoura”— translated “A Pleasant Place”—is within reach of that much larger section of the public which, while obliged to think twice before spending, is just as anxious to ameliorate the laborious conditions now existing in many households.

It must not be assumed that the electrical appliances displayed in the homes are necessarily regarded as the best of their respective types by the Supply Authorities: manufacture is so advanced to-day that such distinction can only be claimed for a very small number of devices. Many makes of motor car are on the market, but you would probably be quite satisfied with any one of half a dozen different types, and that remark can be passed with equal truth about electrical appliances.

The Supply Authorities are indebted to many Melbourne firms for assistance in their endeavour to interest visitors to the Exhibition, but their gratitude is especially due to the Myer Emporium Ltd., who have undertaken the complete furnishing of the rooms in both homes, at their own expense.

“Electricity Saves More than it Costs'

The All=Electric Home


THE Electric Home is no longer a desirable dream, but a practical possibility for a very large section of the public, and to that group may be added many others who can afford to partially electrify their homes.


The average householder has suffered, and still suffers, from an acute shortage of competent paid help, which becomes more and more difficult to obtain. Cost is not the only factor in the troublesome domestic labour problem, and it cannot be solved by increased wages alone.

The elimination of the drudgery and monotony associated with domestic service, by the aid of electric labour-saving appliances, will enable those who can afford to employ maids to retain their services, and those with lesser means to dispense with all or most of the help now regarded as necessary to the well-ordered household.


You have typewriters, possibly adding machines as well, in your office. Why not bring your domestic equipment a little more up-to-date?

If you are a strong believer in system, let it begin—like charity—at home, where you spend twice as many hours in the year as you do at your office.

Why does a man instal labour-saving devices in his office and not in his wife s kitchen? Is it because there is no umpire at home?

Cost must not be confused with value. Admit value, and cost is seen in truer perspective.

Place the low value of one shilling per hour on your wife’s time, if you like —you will not persuade anyone else to work for you at that price—and the hour's drudgery which you can easily save her every day will be worth eighteen pounds a year. Perhaps that never occurred to you, but it's true.

Work Saved, is Money Gained

Woman’s Work is Never Done!

TRUE—once upon a time—but how different it may be to-day. Work can be transformed from drudgery into pleasure with the aid of electrical appliances, and can be done more quickly, cleanly and cheaply.

Women have cried out for and obtained many "rights.” They secured the vote; they sit in Parliament; almost every profession is now open to them; they enjoy a thousand new freedoms. Surely the greatest boon of all, however, is the lightening of the home burden—the eternal round of cleaning, cooking, scrubbing, sweeping, polishing and dusting.

Dirt and dust will still need removal, food must still be cooked, dishes and clothes must still be washed, but in the home of to-morrow—which may be the home of to-day—all the hard, back-breaking, monotonous work can be accomplished swiftly and sweetly by something which will not only drive machinery but also light and heat the house, provide that inestimable advantage, a constant supply of hot water, and cook all kinds of food in labour-saving perfection.


Happiness is possible without wealth, but it is unattainable without Health, which also governs the enjoyment of Wealth. Health is therefore the most important of the trio and the foundation for that combination.

Medical men are never tired of emphasising the importance of pure air. The open combustion of coal and its products fills the air with gases which not only have a destructive effect on the furnishings and adornments of our homes, but which are frequently inimical to health.

The almost universal adoption of electricity for lighting purposes has done much to ensure purity of air in homes, but in the workshop of the home—the Kitchen—where the housewife spends so many of her waking hours, the hygienic value of pure air and the deleterious effect upon health and food, of fumes and gases, are often ignored.

Electricity is Matchless

Electricity “What is it ?

PEOPLE are too fond of dwelling upon its marvels and its mysteries. It is really an agent which can enter into the daily life of ordinary folk.

Electricity is the Housewife's Handmaid, ready on the touch of a switch to cut the work out of housework in a hundred and one ways.

No moods, no evenings out, no demands for higher wages, no sick relations, no off-days; electricity is the Perfect Servant, invisible and docile, always available when required, whose only request is "Use Me Now."


The comfort of adequate lighting in the home is realised by everyone, and by no other means can it be assured so effectually as by the use of electricity. Nor is there any means of lighting which can approach it in flexibility.

Electricity solves the whole problem of interior lighting. It can be used to emphasise a scheme of decoration by bringing out its salient details. It may be used to flood a room with light from concealed sources, or to give a soft, mellow radiance to a single spot.

Lighting is no longer a haphazard process, but a means whereby the beauty of a room may be enhanced by various combinations of direct, indirect and semi-tndirect fixtures and portable lamps.

Although many homes are now beautifully lighted, the majority of householders have failed as yet to take full advantage of the wonderful adaptability of electric lighting to artistic treatment, eye-comfort and convenience.

The busiest room in the home—the Kitchen—is often lighted with an unscreened or partially shaded lamp, which fails to keep the brilliant filament out of direct vision, so that it is impossible for the eye to function with muscles unstrained and with the largest pupil expansion proper to the strength of the surrounding light. In how many cases the housewife works "in her own light,” or. more truthfully, in her own shadow.

“More time for Leisure, Pleasure and Play

Witchery of Omistless Cleaning

DUST is the greatest work-maker in the home, and woman’s worst worry. The old method of removing dust from fabrics was to sweep it or beat it out. Either way, most of the disturbed dust flies into the air to settle down again on furniture; only a little of it is carried to the dust bin.

The new and right way is to suck air through fabrics—and with the air, the dust—into the bag of a light and handy electric vacuum cleaner. An almost effortless task, which dusts carpets, furniture, curtains and cornices. The effect of a "spring cleaning” without the upheaval associated in our minds with that old-fashioned operation.

The dust of coal and ash, grit from the roads and fluff from the carpets, bedding and clothing, are all gathered into the bag container of the Electric Suction Cleaner. The broom scatters dirt and dust: the vacuum cleaner collects it, and keeps your home healthier all the year round. You can clean the home without making yourself dirty.


Polishing waxed floors or linoleums has hitherto been a tiring task, even with the weighted mops now used for the purpose. The electric floor polisher enables a child to impart a fine lustrous polish to a floor, equalling the best work of a woman. Certain types of vacuum cleaner are now provided with attachments whereby they can be converted to floor polishers in a few minutes, and they are not expensive.

If you use Electricity every day

Fire Withomit Smoke

MANY people still prefer to spend the evening around an open fuel fire with its cheerful, flickering flame, and no attempt will be made to dissuade them from doing so. in the long winter nights. But what of those unexpected chilly evenings in Spring and Autumn, when you only need warmth for perhaps an hour before bed time.

All the bother o'f chopping wood, carrying coal, setting the fire, and black-leading the grate next morning, after the ashes have been removed and when that last dusty process has distributed fine, impalpable dust over furniture and carpets, for a brief warm.

Contrast that performance with the simplicity in use of an electric fire: always available to pour its genial warmth into a room, just where it is wanted, at a moment’s notice. No fuss and bother, no waiting, no extra work, no soot, ashes or dust, no vitiation of the atmosphere, which remains clean and pure for the consumption of the occupants of the room.

The above arguments apply with equal force to those other rooms in the house where heating is only needed for comparatively short intervals each day. breakfast and dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Avoid one very common mistake. Do not expect a 600 watt radiator to heat a room in five minutes, particularly if the door is being constantly opened and closed. You might just as well use a candle to boil a kettle of water.

Small radiators have their uses, principally for keeping a single person warm, but they are not substitutes for fires. For the latter purpose, use a 2,000 or 3.000 watt radiator to warm the room quickly, and then switch off the big element, leaving the smaller element to maintain the temperature.


The enjoyment of retiring for the night, in winter time, is enhanced when there is no need for you to lose the heat of your body in warming the bed clothes. An electric bed warmer will do the preliminary warming for you, and at a negligible cost for electricity.

Easy Methods Mean Leisure Hours

The Beanaty Parlomr

ALTHOUGH fashion decrees a style of hair dressing which has emancipated women from much tedious brushing, the bobbed or shingled head probably requires more care and attention than long hair did. The hair must now be cut, and therefore washed at more frequent intervals, so an electric hair dryer is almost indispensable to the woman who wishes to look at her best.

After a few minutes use of the electric hair dryer, the heaviest head of hair is dry. soft and fluffy, and by a turn of the switch the appliance is caused to sprav refreshing cool air over neck and crown, to close the pores and prevent chills.

Electric Curling Tongs or Wavers enable you to wave your hair at home at an insignificant cost for electricity. Or you can arrange a set of electrically heated curling pins, in a way that will give you exactly the particular wave you most admire.

Nobody who has ever possessed an Electric Vibrator will ever want to be without one. A few minutes' application will relieve stiffness and soreness magically, while headaches, lumbago, sciatica, chilblains and incipient rheumatism usually yield to treatment by this appliance. It is also a valuable adjunct in beauty culture, as it can be used to prevent premature wrinkles and to free the pores of the skin from exudations of the body, which prevent them from functioning properly.

A good complexion is made still more beautiful by systematic use of the appliance. which promotes blood circulation.

A Violet Ray Outfit should find a place on the dressing table of every woman who wishes to avail herself of aids to health and beauty.

The violet ray is found in all sun shine, and its remedial powers are great. particularly in skin affections Use of the appliance causes over 300,000 pulsations per second in evety nerve, cell, fibre and tissue in the body, and is similar to massage in its effects. Inexpensive and simple to operate, it helps to obliterate marks of age and worry, and to beautify the skin.

4 1


it in Your Home

Electric Cookim

" You may live without love—what is passion but pining? But show me the man who can live without dining;

You may live without poetry, music and books.

But where is the man who can live without cooks?”


THE ELECTRIC BREAKFAST. The householder is often introduced to Electric Cooking by means of table appliances. A great variety of apparatus is now sold for heating foods or liquids, toasting and grilling, and these find favour by reason of their attractive appearance, general handiness and low cost.

KETTLES AND JUGS. The Electric Kettle, with its self-contained unit and boiling dry safety device, or a Boiling Jug, can be regarded as an essential in every modern home.

The only complaint ever heard about an Electric Kettle is that it is “too slow." That is because a kettle with a small heating element was selected. A kettle fitted with an 800 watt element will meet almost everybody’s requirements, and those who require still greater rapidity should use a Boiling Jug. which will boil two quarts of water in from 3 to 6 minutes, according to the type.

TOASTERS. Nearly everyone eats toast at breakfast time, and the most delicious, crisp toast, browned to suit your taste exactly, can be made in front of you, at the rate of two slices in three minutes, by many of the excellent electric toasters on the market. Incidentally, it saves time in the kitchen at what is usually a "rush” hour.

GRILLERS. The portable Electric Table Grill can be placed where convenient, and used wherever a supply of electricity is available—in most cases, it can be connected to the existing wiring. It enables the housewife to rely more upon grilling than frying, with better and quicker results and with less trouble, dirt and labour; all the advantages of a brisk fire with its waste and discomfort, and ready for action at full heat in one minute.

Electricity Makes Life Smoother


Electric Saucepans—with or without steamers—will undoubtedly be used more and more as their advantages and efficiency become better known.


Electric Immersion Heaters are made in various shapes and sizes, and are exceedingly useful adjuncts to the electrical equipment of the home. They can be placed in any receptacle—saucepans, dishes or glasses—and can be cleaned with the greatest ease.


Electric Tea Infusers, Coffee Percolators, Egg Boilers, Waffle Irons, Chafing Dishes and Warming Plates all have their advantages, and should be remembered when you want to give a friend a Wedding or Christmas gift which will be appreciated.


Electric Ranges, or Stoves, can now be obtained to suit families of all sizes, varying between the inexpensively finished stove, with a boiling plate above an oven, to the beautifully finished, enamelled and nickel-plated ranges, replete with every device which can delight the heart of the housewife, including clock controls to switch the oven into use at a certain hour, maintain a given oven temperature, and switch the oven out of action, after a prescribed time.

' Electric Cookery: Cooking in Comfort

In between those two extremes arc many types of well finished, reliable ranges to suit the average householder, at prices which are within his reach, if he places the correct value on his wife’s time, health and comfort—and incidentally his own too.

The Electric Range cooks better than any device the human brain has yet contrived. It costs nothing when not in use. and is always ready for use. It enables you to put ten per cent, more of the meat, for which you pay the butcher, on the table.

Perfect temperature control which enables you to get the same delicious result you obtained last time, the next time, and every time, without basting. No sooty pots and pans to clean, nor any discoloured walls and woodwork.

The Electric Kitchen can be as attractive as any other part of the house, and is an application of science to woman’s work.

Old fashioned cooking was good guesswork, but all cooks were not good guessers. There is no guesswork about electric cookery, no burning, under or over cooking.

Cooking by thermometer and clock, in a pure atmosphere, free from fumes of any kind, with the aid of the Housewife's Handmaid — Electricity. Economy combined with comfort.


Ideal refrigeration is now easily practicable wherever a supply of electricity is available, and a field is opened to the modern housewife which has been very slightly cultivated in the past. Iced drinks, salads, jellies and frozen soups and custards can now be prepared with very little trouble, and an abundant supply of pure, sparkling ice cubes are always available.

Electricity cooks without Cooking theCook

If you arc the fortunate possessor of a beautiful and hygienic electric refrigerator, you may leave your home for days, and find perishable food stored in it perfectly preserved and fresh, on your return. A uniform dry and constant cold is automatically maintained in the cabinet, which has established a new standard of living. Hospitality is simplified, and the health of your family safeguarded from the danger of contaminated food.

The cost of operation is low by comparison with the savings that can be effected by the aid of electric refrigeration. which adds a new delight to housekeeping.


Have you ever asked your husband why he pays £30 for a typewriter when he can buy penholders and nibs for a few pence? Or. perhaps, why he instals a drilling machine instead of using a breast drill?

Ask him. and listen to his reply. It will afford you an opportunity to point out that there are electrical machines on the market which will chop, mince and mix the ingredients you use in preparing his dinner more quickly and more effectively than you can by hand, and without helping to make you weary.

It is much easier to write a letter by hand than to mix a cake.

Simple to Operate


Hot Water without Waiting

A PLENTIFUL supply of hot water in the home is such a comfort and convenience that no householder can really afford to be without it. and electricity, supplied for this purpose at a specially low rate, enables anyone to obtain it at a very reasonable cost.

The habits and requirements of different families differ so widely, that those who contemplate the installation of a hot water system would be well advised to deal with an experienced Firm or to consult the Electric Supply Authority in their locality.

Any system which only provides for a supply of hot water in the Bathroom and not in the Kitchen leaves a good deal to be desired. Cleanliness being next to godliness, the Bathroom often receives first consideration, but an ample supply of hot water for culinary purposes and dish washing, lessens labour and saves a great deal of valuable time, which can be spent to advantage in overhauling the family stocking bag. or many another inevitable task.


Generally voted an unpleasant task, the thought of which does much to mar her enjoyment of the meal the housewife prepared for her family, dish washing need not be such a bugbear.

Dishes have to be washed one thousand and ninety-five times, or more, in the average household, every year! If you can save five minutes every time, you save 91 hours, or two whole working weeks, every year! And an electric dishwasher will save more than five minutes in the average home.

You can do a lot of work, read a lot of books, or play a lot of tennis in two weeks. Visit old friends and make new ones. Sew; make things. Get out into the sunshine.

The Kitchen cloths used in the old process may be clean to start with, but not when used for wiping the last plate. It is not by any means a hygienic operation.

Economical in Use

Your Laumdry


NO one ever enjoyed the continual stooping, rubbing, and arduous, sloppy labour connected with the old fashioned washing day, which tended to disorganise the household. undermine the housewife’s health, and leave her almost too tired to smile, on her husband's return in the evening.

Perhaps you are fortunate enough to have a good laundress, who always arrives on time and never tears or spoils flannels or anything else. If so, you may think electric clothes washers do not concern you; but they do. The machine will finish a big wash for you in two hours, at a cost of three halfpence for electricity, and give the laundress time to finish that “bit” of ironing she usually leaves for you to do. If she disappoints you, you need not worry, because you have at command a constant, dependable and perfect washerwoman, who is never late or ill, does not require meals, and faces an unusually large wash as cheerfully as a small one, any day of the week.

The electric clothes washer saves laundry bills, and the wear and tear on clothes. It washes linen snow white, and the most delicate lingerie, and laces without damaging them.

“The Wash Day Problem Solved

Cleami Clothes

ALTHOUGH electric irons are now used in the majority of Melbourne homes, there are still housewives who have failed to realise how this simple, reliable and inexpensive appliance can save them time and money, and make their linen last longer. An electric iron heats up at once, and keeps hot as long as you want it. There is no waste heat, no changing of irons and no discomfort tunning to and fro, in a hot and stuffy room. You guide it, electricity keeps it hot.


Is it true that a man's work is easier than a woman's? Why is man's work reduced to regular hours, while a woman drags on and on, from morn till night? The truth is that men are lazy, so lazy that they sat down and invented machines to work for them.

To-day, the farmer rides on a tractor, the builder uses electric cranes, and the clerk uses an adding machine, instead of wearing out his brains adding up columns of figures. In other words, men use machinery to reduce "hand" labour, but comparatively few women have yet followed that example.

The modern woman need not complain that "her work is never done," if she makes proper use of electric labour-saving devices.

The electric ironing machine will iron 95 per cent, of your clothes more exquisitely than the best laundress in a third of the time you can do it by comparatively laborious hand ironing, and you can sit down and guide linen and garments into an appliance that does the work for you.

"Expensive to buy." perhaps you say. If other investments would yield such a handsome return as the outlay on an Electric Ironer. you would soon be wealthy. Ironing by hand, even at 1/6 an hour for labour probably costs you JE 20 a year


Victoria is so fortunate in its climate that the drying of clothes is not attended by so many diffi-' culties as in some places, but there are days when a drying cupboard is a great convenience. and most homes would derive benefit from an electrically heated cupboard for airing flannels and bed linen.

Some of these fixtures are fitted with very handy swinging racks, on which clothes are placed when electrically heated air is blown through them by an electric fan.

“The Better Way for Ironing Day

More Pretty Clothes

SOME housewives spend a part of the time saved by the use of electric ranges, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and ironers, in making garments they would otherwise have to buy. Then the comparatively inexpensive sewing machine motor is a source of joy.

The electric sewing machine, with the motor as an integral part of it, is very attractive in appearance, but the work can be accomplished just as well by fitting a portable motor to the machine you have already.

It is no exaggeration to say that a motor-driven machine will do the work in half the time, with no exertion whatever on your part. Gentle pressure of your foot on the controller starts, stops and regulates the speed of the machine, and both your hands are left free to guide the material.

A Breath of the Open Road

Pasteur, the great French physician, said:

The two best preservatives of health are sunlight and fresh air,”

and recent medical research has proved that gently moving currents of air have an extraordinarily stimulating effect upon the nerves of the skin.

While the fan is most greatly appreciated in sultry summer weather, it has its uses throughout the year. It facilitates the drying of linen indoors on a wet wash-day in winter, and at any time will clear a room of cigar smoke in a few minutes.

An Electric Fan provides healthy air movement, and blows away the cobwebs of fatigue. It is portable, compact and inexpensive, discourages the entry of all kinds of flying insects, and costs no more to operate than an electric lamp.


Buy a Fan and Enjoy your Summer


HOW often you would make fitments for your home, or repair your car yourself, if you had a labour-saving workshop. Small electrically operated tools, both of the bench and portable types, can now be purchased at very reasonable prices, and they enable you to undertake many little jobs yourself which, in the aggregate, cost you much more than the tools.

Sawing wood is good exercise, but if you are out of practice, your enthusiasm for making that garden seat—or something of the kind—wanes decidedly after an hour or two. You said you d make the thing, so you set your teeth and finish it—perhaps—but you don't agree to make another with the cheerful alacrity you would display if you had a combination electric saw and drill.

If you had an electric glue pot, you would mend furniture before it started to become ricketty and useless.

Knives, scissors, lawn mower blades and tools, all become blunt with use, and a conveniently placed electrically-driven emery wheel would enable you to keep them in more effective condition.

It is all so easy when you do it electrically.


Whose turn to cut the lawn? Don't all speak at once. In the end, father often has to do it, if he takes a pride in a well-kept garden.

No matter which member of the family does it, an inescapable task becomes a pleasure, with the aid of an electric lawn mower.


“Use Electricity and Save your Energy"

What One Unit of Electricity costing a Penny Farthing will do for You

Light Pantry, Cupboard, Scullery, or other con-vience room with a 25 watt lamp for 40 hours

Approximate Cost per hour

1/32 penny

Light Breakfast Room, Hall, Passage or Verandah,

with a 60 watt lamp for 16 hours.......................... 1/12 penny

Light Kitchen, Sewing Room or Bedroom, with a

100 watt lamp for 10 hours................    ......... 1/8 penny

Light Lounge or Dining Room, with a 150 watt

lamp for 6£ hours........................................................... 1/5 penny

Keep you comfortably warm with a 600 watt Bowl

Fire for 1-2/3 hours...................................................... 3/4 penny

Heat average Sitting Room with an Electric Radiator,

3,000-1,000 watts, for i hour....................... 2\ pence

Operate a Vacuum Cleaner for 5 hours.....    1/4 penny

Boil 4 pints water in a Kettle for 1 i hours    ........ 1 penny

Keep your room cool with an Electric Fan for 16

hours.................. ........................ 1/12 penny

5/8 penny

Heat an Electric Iron for i hour

Sew 1,650 yards of calico with 800,000 stitches.

Dry a bobbed head of hair 16 times after a shampoo.

Wave a head of hair 20 times.

Boil 23 pints of water in an electric kettle.

Make toast for 16 breakfasts in a family of four.

Grill chops for 8 meals for four people.

Keep food in an electric refrigerator fresh and pure for half a day. Cook all meals for each person in the family for a day.

Wash and rinse dishes after 40 meals.

Wash, rinse and wring the soiled clothes of an average family for a fortnight.

Iron the weekly wash of an average family with an electrically heated and operated ironing machine.

Electricity is supplied at especially low rates for

DOMESTIC WATER HEATING Household requirements differ, but a sum varying between 6d. and 1/- a day will provide that inestimable boon in Kitchen and Bathroom—"A PLENTIFUL SUPPLY OF HOT WATER."

“The Electric Way is the Modern Way"


YOU may not see your way to electrify your home completely all at once, but never lose sight of the importance of providing an ample number of plug sockets in the different rooms of your house, so that you may easily fulfil a desire to use an electrical labour-saving device.

If the housewife who is without a maid, or whose charwoman fails to keep her appointment, sets aside the wages she would otherwise have had to pay, she will soon have a useful sum to expend on appliances which will enable her to utilise the services of the Perfect Servant— ELECTRICITY. Full particulars of her qualifications for that position in your home, will be furnished with pleasure by the Supply Authority in your locality.





Put yout House in Order for the Summer


F 7001

54 Wilson Street,

Moonee Ponds.


District Superintendent,

Ascot Vale Road, Moonee Ponds.

Dear Sir,

For some months past I have cooked with an Electric Range, and wish to convey to you my delight with the results.

I have cooked with all types of ranges—wood, coal, gas— but the electricity is supreme.

I have had perfect baking results from the very first. My roasts have never had such a delicious flavour, and the shrinkage is far less. I can safely recommend electricity to all my friends. I find it not only convenient, cool and clean, but under the two part tariff most economical. Until I installed the range I was a consumer under the old charges, and would like here to make a comparison with the old and new scale.

From January 4th, 1925,

To April 24th, 1925—for lighting and ironing, I consumed

54 units at 5}d...............£1 5 10}

Meter Rent.................. 0 1 6

,    £1    7    4}

From April 24lh to June 23rd—

60 Units at 5}d...............£1    8    9

Meter Rent.................. 0    1    6

£1 10 3

UNDER THE TWO PART TARIFF From June 23rd to Sept. 23rd.

(from July 18lh) —

164 units at l}d.................£0 17 1

Service Charge................ 0 15 0

For lighting, ironing, vacuum and cooking

£1 12 1

This, compared with the old scale of charges, will prove what an advantage the two part tariff is.

Wishing electricity every success,

Yours truly,

(Signed) MRS. P. G. OSBORNE.


10H McKillop St.. Mtlktmtat